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    Hey, I got about 1000 dollars with of book cert's and I want to use them before I lose them. I was wondering if you guys could give me some good book titles under these certain categories.

    Cryptography, Security Analysts, TCP/IP books, or just some other general books you have read and think are worth mentioning.

    Thanks for your time.

    Just noticed you have a book section, delete this thread at will.

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    There are alot of threads out there already that have to do with this, but the biggest reason that I am replying is to let you know you can delete the thread by selecting edit, and then once that screen loads, selecting delete.

    Might want to check out :

    Hacking Exposed (Mcclue, Scambray, Kurtz)
    Computer Networks (Andrew Tanenbaum) : IMHO, a very good book that I don't see mentioned terribly often, goes through all layers of the TCP/IP stack, from local loops to T1's, to application layers stuff like encryption (including descriptions of the DES algorithm) and the mundane like web browsing.
    TCP/IP Illustrated (Stevens)

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    along with the above suggestion for tcp/ip illustrated (these top my list).

    Title: Applied Cryptography, 2nd ed.
    Author: Bruce Schneier
    Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
    ISBN: 0-471-11709-9

    Title: Modelling and Analysis of Security Protocols
    Authors: Peter Ryan & Steve Schneider
    Publisher: Addison Wesley
    ISBN: 0-201-67471-8

    Title: UNIX Network Programming - Networking API's: Sockets and XTI (Volume 1, 2nd ed.)
    Author: W. Richard Stevens
    Publisher: Prentice Hall
    ISBN: 0-13-490012-X

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    hacking exposed

    i would also agree with nebulus200 about hacking exposed

    im reading it at the moment, tells you everything you need to know and it it about 700-800 pages long, in small print.
    but it is very informative and comes with a selection of tools on a cd.highly recomend it.

    the lates version also covers wirless networks and wap
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    Hacking Exposed. Obvious choice and I must say the big red book is worth a read.
    Check out IRC and ask around, many of the guys there will give you more exact titles.

    To anybody else check out your library for some oldies but goldies.

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    Was searching to find more info on this book to see what the opinion was on it.

    I checked the 2nd edition out of the college library over Holiday break and so far it is very good.

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    Crypto sure here is a good and short book Cracking DES secrets of encryption research, wiretap politics and chip desing

    isbn 1-56592-520-3

    out o print in most places i got mine in a zellers for 9.99 its got code for the cracker and chips that they built
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    For Security analyst..I've been reading:
    -Hack Attacks Revealed by John Chrillo
    -Maximum Linux Security SAMS
    -Hack IT. security through Penetration Testing By T.J Klevinsky,Scott Laliberte, Ajay Gupta.
    I haven't finished read those books...it's a good books..but they are god damm..thick books...
    -Linux Just For Fun by Linus Torvald
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