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    Advice please

    I am looking to get a new laptop cost is am issue max 500 any sugestions please, i like fujitsu but am open to sugestions
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    RG 91 and wellcome to AO.

    Actually your post is in the wrong place, it should be in the "Hardware" forum. Please delete it using the purple tabs at the top.

    I have copied it and will start it off in "Hardware" for you under the title "RG 91's post"


    EDIT: sorry you use the purple "edit" tab.............but it does not really matter..........just respond to the new thread I have opened and watch the replies

    I am sorry that I cannot personally advise you on laptops..........I do not like them, so my token specimen is symbolically balanced on a trash can and is only allowed to run Win 95

    It is a Toshiba, and comes in useful when I have a Windows 95 support issue.
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    A big thanks
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