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Thread: A note to the newbies....

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    I'm still a newbie here myself and greatly appreciate this thread. My intent is to learn as much as I can and would like to thank all you guys out there that are looking out for those of us that want to learn. I'm feeling more and more at home at this site and hope to continue learning everything I can from anyone willing to offer advice.
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    Hey my plan was to test the reaction of people to this thread being sticky and so far so good.

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    w00t w00t! My vote is for it to go as a sticky, but it's up to you Ennis!

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    w00t w00t it is up as a sticky
    good job allenb1963
    and ennis
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    Thanks for the support everyone. I didn't want to step on any toes with this one, but I really felt that these things needed to be said. I'm just happy that I've been able to make a contribution that hopefully will help people and make the AO experience easier on us all!

    /me dances around the room...."I got a sticky, I got a sticky..." w000t!!!!
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    hello allenb,
    a great post indeed which will definately give a message to the newbies and the newbies also will understand right at the begining , how to act.

    well but what can we do about the people who give negs just for the heck of it. if somebody is starting a thread... and that is because he want some info on it , and if somebody else does not like the topic the starter will get negs ? but this is happening....at AO

    i don't know why people always think with their heart and not mind while giving negs. if the person who is giving negs has got a huuuuuuuuuge number of +ve points then the latter will die of negs because he will be almost be reduced of his +ve points.

    hence i request all the high +ve point holders and everybody to think at least 10 times before giving negetives to others who are having less greenies like me for e.g
    because doing so may reduce the other person's hardly earned green points...

    well anyway.... but its a nice post... keep it up allen..


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    Yes, I think it is definitely worth being a sticky and whatnot and that it is a great post. it is definitely a good job that is well done. Great job allenb1963!

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    your suggestions r making us more clear how to use anto online resources in a good way
    thanx to u alll!!!

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    i disagree with something you said all
    As a general rule, when someone posted a question a month (or longer) ago the odds are they have gotten their answer and don't require assistance anymore.
    if a question hasnt been answered and its over a month old... who cares still answer it it might help someone in the future this is the point of the forums to help people to learn and im sorry but i dont care if an old question gets bumped up cause someone answered it it may help me or even you but in your propesed system it you will never learn

    what confounds me is you then go on to say search for it now if someone asked how does one change the path var in linux and no one answered it 2 months later a newbie comes along and sees the thread and answers isnt that for benifit for everyone its hypocitucal im sorry for attacking you but i felt it must be said

    Don't sit down and answer every thread on the main page with some inane one line post just to build up your number of posts....
    not only newbies that have to listen to that advice

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    Originally posted here by JCHostingAdmin
    I'd also like to make a small note to the newbies, read through some of the New features posts to see features that exsist so that you'll know the explanation of certain things. For instance, if a post has a blinking date, it's an old post ( 2 weeks I think ) and therefore, you shouldn't post in it. Also, if you read the FAQ, you'll know that 1 line posts get about as much of a response, and sometimes even negative antipoints. I hope to help you guys with this post and just a few quick tips that can help you in making your time at AO a fun, enjoyable, and friendly one. -- Jason (JC) Copeland.
    Actually, I think there are good reasons why someone would reply to an older post. This is preferrable to starting another thread on the same topic. The key is having something relevant to add to the subject. If the purpose is to make a one line reply to add to their post count, that is not good. But if their reply adds to the understanding and discussion of the topic, why not? A new member may not have seen the thread before and have a new insight or new information that could be helpful. The topic of the thread is important too. If it's a joke thread, and they're just replying to say, "HaHa, that was funny," well, that isn't too good. But if perhaps, it is a thread on building a firewall or something like that, that is different. Thanks.
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