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Thread: A note to the newbies....

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    Rioter: If the question has not been replied to, then by all means one should answer it providing they know the answer. But if the thread has 15 replies and one is from the starter thanking everyone for their help, then use common sense and leave it alone.

    Preacherman481: I see your point, but at the very least they need to use common sense when replying to an old thread. If it's technical in nature, great, but if all you have to say is 'I agree' with no real contribution, leave it alone. The whole reason for that part of the original post was the fact that one night almost half the threads on the main page were replies to old threads by newbies who for the most part were seeking to increase their post numbers.
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    I might also add that I tend to award newbies who make intelligent posts that have a real value here. I am reasonably sure that most of the regulars here will do the same. The AntiPoint System has had its ups and downs as of late, and tends to get quite contraversial. As a newbie, you can literally get banned by making a single post in the wrong forum, or worse yet, by submitting a reply, or starting a thread with an obvious "Bad Attitude" or noticeably uneducated content. AO is an extremely informative referance resource comprised of security professionals and developers, of engineers and consultants, at varying degrees of expertise. It is to your advantage whether you are here to learn security, or have "alterior motives", (hopefully to learn) to read all the newbie faqs and suggestions. Get to know us by reading our posts and get a "feel" of what is what, and who is who. Then if you think your ready, post away.

    Nice subject material allenb1963, keep up the good work.
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    Hummmmmm! Let me see. Newbie, newbie,s newbie,s. Yes I am a newbie, Im going to say this, cause even the newbie's need someone to stand up for them. As it seems to most newbies keep asking the same Questions all the time, or dont read before asking questions and now most people want to jump on them for it. Lest Ye not forget that all of you were a newbie at one time. I know that you all didnt wake up one day and know everything that you know. I have made a suggestion in the past that if you want to help a newbie out perhaps in a welcome letter put in the posts that you want them to read before they start posting this that and the other thing. Sure there are going to still be people asking the same question's thats just part of life. nobody is perfect, newbie or not. Some of us do take the time to read and search. you can flame me if you want to because you think im a newbie and may not know what im talking about, but thats ok. I maynot no much about this stuff, but Im working on it. But as a newbie it gets just as tiresome to here most folks complain about newbie,s. as it does for you folks to keep hearing the same stuff over and over. If you were a teacher in school Im sure you would probably get the same questions asked thousands of times, but as a teacher you did your job and answered the question, and you helped somebody out. So maybe someone will take a newbie's advice for a change and post the things you want a newbie to know in a welcome letter to them. No need for so much negativity towards a newbie for asking question's. As I said earlier, you were all newbie's at one time. I will keep reading and asking question's untill I learn something. But thats just me. All Im saying is cut us a little slack, and keep up the good work.

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    basic internet habbits

    Originally posted here by this_1_guy2002
    I have made a suggestion in the past that if you want to help a newbie out perhaps in a welcome letter put in the posts that you want them to read before they start posting this that and the other thing.
    A real welcome letter (like the antipoint balance messages a bit ago) is a nice suggestion.
    However there already exist numerous of faq's even newbie faq's and other stuff to help.
    Perhaps people should take the time to read what's on their screen instead of asking things...
    A while ago this forum had endless flame wars, now we have the ap's to settle that. Back to the point, I think (IMHO) that people should try to adopt a few basic internet habbits:
    1) try not to ask what has been asked
    2) try to keep your question clear and short if possible
    3) try to not to involve in flame wars
    4) rtfm
    5) believe in the open minded perspective
    Anyway if people lack those habbits there's no reason to banish those people. Like you stated we all once were newbies therefor a forgiving spirit should be nice. Perhaps you know Axelrod's solution for the repeated prisoners dilemma? (game theory) Well it's the tit for tat solution. If people choose not to cooperate you don't cooperate but you always start cooperating and you are forgiving.
    I do not say I follow that idea all the time, it's only an advice (perhaps in the first place to myself.)

    But as a newbie it gets just as tiresome to here most folks complain about newbie,s. as it does for you folks to keep hearing the same stuff over and over.

    Yes this becomes a little *sigh*

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    Point taken and understood, some valid points are made on both sides. Just thought the newbie's here needed a voice as well. So I figured I 'd hang myself out there for all the newbie's. Thanks for all the advice and your assistance in answering those question's and pointing us newbie's in the right direction.

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    I agree with the sentiments of the thread, and as a Newbie, I appreciate all the info that is available to me. I am starting to find my way around the site, and am for the most part well impressed with the general attitude of the writers. I'm looking forward to finding the answers to some problems I've come across, being unable to find them on 'Google' ( previous thread for me ) and for the moment just scratching the surface of the FAQ's.

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    Bringing up old threads is a waste of AO resources 95% of the time.
    Dude, you couldn't have picked a worse thread to reply to. This thread is nearly a year old. Generally, if the dates in a thread are flashing, it's considered rude to answer. The dates flash to tell people that the thread is old. This thread is at the top of the General Chit Chat list because it's a sticky thread, but it still jumps to the top of search pages when it gets a new reply.
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    thanks for addressing this, I understand how it becomes frusturating to see posts that have abosolutley no purpose or meanning. I am admin of my own Forums and it is very upseting to see people Spaming on posts. Seeing that most of the posts you speak of are just spam or outdated answers.


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    I like that the date for each post blinks, it helps remind people of how current (or past for that matter) a topic is. A lot of online forums could benefit from this.

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