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Thread: Cissp Certification

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    Cissp Certification

    This one goes out to the ones in a network security job. I am looking to get into a position like that someday right now i am working on my assoiates degree at community college. I was ondering what certs or qualifications they look for.


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    CCNA (Cisco) would be a good one to start out with. Checkpoint would be nice as well. These were pointed out to me by Invictus, he also put an emphasis on the CISSP. If you're really interested in the CISSP then check out this SITE. It has the requirements for the CISSP.

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    JP has also posted a list of the common Certifications HERE.

    Good Luck


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    I have been doing some research on the SCP(Security Certified Program). It's showing some promise. I will be attending the courses for the SCNP (Security Certified Network Professional). I am pretty new to the Security scene, but I recently got a position as the Network Security Admin so I have a bit of a leg up. I got it with hard work and showing interest. I worked with the Security Team on a few projects, and it worked out. Try researching internships possibly, or just get your foot in the door somewhere and hang around the Security professionals if you can. Sometimes it's who you know and how well you put yourself out there. A degree would be good. The SCP is a vendor-neutral program that will help develop skills on various operating systems. It seems pretty solid. If you want the link, it's below:


    Good luck!
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    I lookin into the CISSP cert, only to find out that just to TAKE the exam, you need 3+ years of security experience, kinda hard when your just starting out.

    Im going to take the SANS Information Security Officer program in October.
    SANS are #1 in my book

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