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Thread: Social Engineering 101

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    Social Engineering 101

    My comments are in blue....

    * storto has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <storto> hi
    <storto> need help
    <Darksnake> what do you need help with?
    <storto> i need help with my internet access password
    <Darksnake> whats wrong with it?
    <storto> i do not remember my internet access password... so i can access to internet because the password is stored under ******* in the dial up window...

    let me get this straight you cant log on because you cant read the password?

    <Darksnake> so the password is in the window and looks like so ******** ?
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    * twide has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <xmaddness> =\
    * storto has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <storto> my operative system is win2k so... the cain do not work
    <Darksnake> but you can see the password as ****** right?
    <xmaddness> how can you possibly forget a password?
    * xmaddness sits this one out
    * allenb1963 has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <Darksnake> storto ?
    <storto> yes i see ******* but programs like revelation and cain do not work under win2k for internet password

    could it be that these programs arent meant to unmask the password or dont work in win2k?

    <Darksnake> why do you want to unmask the password?
    <xmaddness> what isp is it for?
    * xmaddness sits this one out
    <storto> if reinstall the os i can't log in
    * allenb1963 is now known as Al[afk]
    <Darksnake> that brings me to the next question
    <Darksnake> why would you need to reinstall the os?
    <storto> ok.. i'll go with this os forever...
    <xmaddness> call your isp with the credit card info and they will reset your password
    * Alex has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <xmaddness> there is your nswer
    <xmaddness> answer*
    <storto> i'm italian... my isp can't give me the passwrod....
    <xmaddness> and why not?

    so your isp is racist towards italians is what your saying?

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    <Alex> someone look in main chan
    <Darksnake> im not sure ALex
    <xmaddness> your paying for the access right?
    <Alex> damn'
    <storto> the account is named to my grandfather..
    <Alex> i need a AGP to PCI bus
    <Darksnake> why do you need to know Alex?
    <xmaddness> so have your grandfather call
    <xmaddness> alex, it all depends on the bios
    <storto> my grandfather is dead... so i can't change the password calling isp

    I thought you said this was your account, who's is it?

    <xmaddness> but your grandfather is still paying the bill?
    <xmaddness> uh huh
    <xmaddness> keep going
    <storto> i'm payng the bill..
    <xmaddness> how are you paying?
    <xmaddness> credit card?
    <xmaddness> check?
    <Darksnake> if the password is in the password field, hitting the log on button will log you on
    <rioter> wait
    <storto> in italy it's more different
    <rioter> is hotmail involved?
    <Darksnake> how is it different?
    <storto> you can pay whitout credit cards od check
    <xmaddness> apparently in italy dead people can still have internet accounts
    <storto> yes...
    <xmaddness> what do you pay with then?>
    <xmaddness> rocks?
    <Darksnake> storto: cancel the account and setup a new one
    <xmaddness> there ya go
    <Darksnake> it shouldnt be hard if your paying for it
    <xmaddness> like any normal person would do
    <storto> mmm.... it's an adsl account.. i can't

    could that be because its not an account that belongs to you or a relative?

    <Darksnake> your grandfather had adsl?
    <xmaddness> what does it being an adsl account have to do with anything?
    <storto> mmmmm it's not a joke
    <xmaddness> whats not a joke?
    * xmaddness doesn't remember laughing
    <storto> this is a wrong place for me.. thank you. bye!
    * storto has quit IRC (Quit: Today is a good day to chat.)
    <xmaddness> i guess he couldn't think of another lie
    <Darksnake> guess not
    <Darksnake> i wanted him to tell me why his grandfather has adsl
    <xmaddness> oh well
    <xmaddness> and why he can't just tell them his grandfather died
    <xmaddness> and have the account put in his name
    <Darksnake> or howd he start paying
    <Darksnake> a fake id?
    <xmaddness> or what he is paying with?
    <xmaddness> he said it wasn't a check or credit card
    <xmaddness> does he pay them in cash?
    <Darksnake> he's using his good looks lol
    <xmaddness> then they would recognize him
    <xmaddness> lol
    <xmaddness> hey, why did the chicken cross the road
    <Darksnake> why?
    <xmaddness> to get to the other side fool
    <xmaddness> heh
    <Darksnake> have you seen that old beer commercial with the chicken crossing the road?
    <xmaddness> not that i remember
    <Darksnake> let me explain it
    * xmaddness listens attentively
    <Darksnake> two guys are sitting in front of a bar drinking beer
    <xmaddness> or semi-attentively
    <Darksnake> they see a chicken cross the road and enter the bar
    <Darksnake> one guy turns to the other and says " guess that answers that question "
    <xmaddness> heh
    <rioter> haha
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    <chsh> I've read more interesting technical discussion on the wall of a public bathroom than I have at AO at times

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    ummm yeah and my dead grandad left instructions to how to find his fortune in an email in his hotmail account can someone help me hack in and get it
    his address was hotchick47@hotmail.com

    heh haven't had a laugh like that in ages.......at least that guy had imagination


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    Actually, his dead grandfather needs your savings account number and bank routing ID so he can transfer all his millions out of Italy to avoid paying the estate taxes. For your assistance you will receive 35% of the total estate and free italian ADSL for life....
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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