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    previous thread/letter of apology

    due to the closure of my previous thread, bess...and a bofh, i was unable to answer a few questions. first the reason that i was a shake away from being kicked off the network, was that i
    changed the desktop theme of the pc i was sitting at...apparently not to the liking of the administrator, so i recieved warning that if i did anything else "not to his liking" i would
    no longer be able to use the computers. secondly, the reason i asked for a way around it was he blocks out anything that he doesnt find educational, including, video games sites,
    email, sports pages, even ebay...

    im sorry for the confusion that i caused, and now i am a shake away from being booted from antionline as well...

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    Actually, it's probably more than a shake away, so you have plenty of room for redemption. As you spend more time here, you will notice that 99% of requests that refer to circumventing network restrictions are not warmly received. Why? Because this site is devoted to security, and the first rule of security is to trust no one. Hackers come here all the time and try to use 'social engineering' to gain information from AO members. If you came here to learn for legitimate purposes, then by all means stay because you will learn much. If you are only here to find a quick workaround because you don't like the restrictions your Sys. Admin. put on the network, then you are definitely in the wrong place and need to be on your way. Read the FAQ's and the stickt threads at the top of each forum, then decide if this is the place for you or not.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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