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Thread: word wide web, things I noticed

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    word wide web, things I noticed

    Hi, through the years of haveing a internet connection I have noticed some things I just never got an answer for.

    One thing I have noticed is if you type 1 w instead of three like so:


    it gives you the google web site, but in the address bar you still only see 1 w.

    it does the same with 2 w's. Now if you dont type any w's:


    it redirects to www.google.ca

    Can someone explain what is going on?

    My second question is. When you randomly type a web address in the address bar, sometimes that domain name has not been registered yet. I have a fairly good Idea how web domains work, you pay a registrar to buy a domain name, then either you host the site on your computer(s) or pay a hosting company to host your site. Now sometimes if the domain has not been purchased yet, you will be presented with a page with the message:

    This domain name is for sale. And useualy the companys logo is on the page. Now I know that there are many difernt companys that sell domain names, but since the domain has not been purchased yet, how come a certian company has put their logo on the site?

    I mean, if the domain has not yet been purchased, then wouldent I just get a error 404 or 505? Instead of a registrar advertiseing since there are many registrars out there?
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    Question 1.

    when entering adress www.google.ca your gateway (comp that connects you to other networks) to the Internet looks up the first comp (.ca it start from the back!) it gets an IP and then it sends the .ca comp a requests for the IP of google, it then does the same thing with the google comp with whatever you have types before that. now google is apparently setup in such a way that nomatter if it is 1, 2 or 3 w it starts on the main site.


    a company simply purchases the domain name in advance so that it can sell it for more than it was purchased at! Thus creating a profit for the company!
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    then it sends the .ca comp a requests for the IP of google
    Just to clarify a little bit. These 'comps' that retoor spoke of are DNS servers. They're the backbone of the internet. Without them you'd have to put IP addresses into the address bar instead of www.google.com. Like retoor said, when the request is made for www.google.com, the request is sent to the DNS server specified on the client's machine. The DNS server will then look at the request and attempt to resolve that name (www.google.com) to an IP address. If it cannot resolve the name, it will (depending on the DNS servers config) forward the request to another DNS server, or send the request to a DNS root server.
    As retoor stated, these address www.google.com are read right to left. The DNS server will look at the request and check and see if it has an enrty for .com. If it does it checks in the .com zone to see if it has google. Then it looks in google and sees www. The www is a name for one of the webservers on google.com's domain. This www has an IP address, and the DNS server resovles the address www.google.com to that IP address.
    Do you see how this would work with your question? WWW is usually just a computer name (or alias). You can put anything you want in there. Its just easier and more comfortable for users to type www.....
    Hope this helps.

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    I had wondered the same thing about domain names myself, and suspected that companies buying the names in advance was the case. Thank you for clearing that up for me.
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