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Thread: Windows 2000 security

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    Windows 2000 security

    Hello Everybody. Im currently working with Windows 2000 server and setting up Active Directory on it. I have had success with it thanx in part to this site. I ran into something thats kind of bothering me. I set up in Active Directory Folder redirection. Now when im logged into the AD machine as an Administrator I couldn't get access into those folders that are redirected. I messed around with security settings, although honestly i don't quite know what im doing yet. When i do click on this folder i keep getting access denied. All i want to do now is delete these folders, they were set up as test folders, but i cant seem to do it. Is there some kind of security measure that im missing????? Any help would be truely appreciated.


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    first off are you logged in as the creator/owner of the folder in question, or as the administrator?

    If you are admin just take ownership of it... if it's still locking you out or not letting you take ownership then go up one directory level and take ownership from there and propegate it out to child directories.

    Don't know if this is actually answering your question, but I believe it is.

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    To change the ACL (Access Control List) of the folder:
    1 log onto the PC that is actually holding the files as Administrator or someone with Administrator credentials
    2 right click on the folder in question and choose Sharing and Security.
    3. choose the Security Tab, add whatever users you want to add or delete whatever users you need to delete. Configure the Permissions from this location as well (Admin have Full, oters as you see fit).

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