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Thread: Installing a modem in Linux

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    Installing a modem in Linux

    Hey all,

    I was trying to install my external modem for Linux an just got it! This is how I did it:

    - open the terminal
    - type 'su'
    - type 'the passwd'
    - cd to /dev
    - type 'ln -s ttyS# modem' (the # represents the port number)

    to see if the modem installed properly, type 'ls -la |grep modem' and you should see an entry like 'modem -> ttyS#'
    - after all of that, just fire-up the dailup config tool

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    my redhat box will auto detect the new hardware when i reboot it after the installation, don't know about yours.

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    Good tut unixjim im goin to try to fix my modem now using ......lol.

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