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Thread: Roll Call Suggestion

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    Roll Call Suggestion

    my suggestion is to make a very big WARNING in the roll call forums

    make it so when someone goes to create a roll call thread a msg pops up reminding them that no one can reply to the post and if they have any questions to be responded to to post to another one of the threads...

    why do i suggest this? because i have seen _MANY_ roll call threads with questions thinking that will get reponses when they cannot

    a such example of questions that could be answered if not in roll call would be here


    I just think this could help out newer members.. and lets face it.. newer members are the members that use roll call the most frequent (DUH) !

    so i say this is a GOOD idea!

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    Also, even if he was in the correct forum, you would not want to ask those three questions at the same time. The thread would be impossible to follow with everyone giving a different asnwer to each question. That would be a nightmare.

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    I agree.

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    I think its a good idea. In fact, when i saw that post(http://www.antionline.com/showthrea...threadid=234185) i pm'd him to say that the roll call does not allow reply's, and that to have his questions answered, he'd have to repost them. Its these sort of details that newer members need to be aware of, but currently there is no way to find out, except by experimenting. Anyway, i hope this suggestion is taken into consideration.
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