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    Last Post Info

    Hi everyone...

    On the main page there is a side bar on the left entitled "Your Account". I think it would be nice if it displayed each member's last post info. Info such as when the post was made, and of course which post it was (with a link titled "Last post", leading to this post). This is just the same info that is displayed in each user's profile.

    This last post info could perhaps be displayed under the "Total Posts Made" info.

    Not an earth shattering idea, but i just thought it might prove to be useful to members who would like to have access to their last post info, without having to access their profile each and every time.

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    Sounds like a good and usefull idea..

    You got my vote.
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    I would make use of that feature.

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    Excellent idea Gurl, I support you. Well, here is my suggestion...

    It would be better if Antipoints get a display along with last post. Becoz, everytime we need to click the link to check it. If it is incorporated last post, just a 'page refresh' tells the points.

    Hope this may not embarras you, its just a suggestion.

    It would be a pleasure if the following line appear below 'green dots'....

    Antipoints : XXX
    xx% positive (as the remaining is negative)

    Details: (a hyperlink to antipoint center)

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    Excellent Feature! /me hugs, Good Job!. Take care and My vote is Yes!

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    Very good idea.Would sure save some time and trouble.
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    Sounds like something i need
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