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Thread: " an awkard problem "

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    Question " an awkard problem "

    hello friends
    this might be a awkard case to begin with,, but it is what actually happened,,
    one of my friend installed a software called pc security which many of the accomplished men out here must have experienced before,, and with the help of it ,, he locked the drives,, and for viewing the contents of ta particular partition of a drive a password was required,,,, then he said to find a way of gettinginto the drive somehow,,, it doesn't show in ctrl+alt+del ,, wheni checked the system information >32 bit modules(he uses a win 98 box) it was there and i found out the path of the directory where this pc security was installed,, but i couldnt delete the file ( or folder) as it asked the password before doing anthing even if that drive in which this software is installed is not locked,,,, secondly i thought of going in safe mode but tht was also disabled (alas!) and also all other common stuffs were also tried out but all in vain,,, on top of it he said tht there is a easy way of uninstalling the software which one as a security freak and a hacker should know,, but i'm puzzled and couldnt think of any thing at the moment
    any ideas of this peculiar problem will be highly appreciable
    thanx in advance

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    If this is a legitimate request (since it could be that someone locked a computer you use for a reason, and they retain access and you don't), I would recommend simply checking out the web site for PC Security and checking their FAQ for instructions how to uninstall the program. If you can't find it there, call their tech support line and they should be able to talk you through it. This all sounds kinda suspicious, though... but oh well. Good luck.


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    it's actually fairly simple. get your system.dat (registry stored file) onto a floppy and take it to another computer. then go into DOS and delete the wholoe PC Security folder and any ocx's, vxd's, etc that PC Security installed on your friends system. open win.ini, autoexec.bat, and system.ini to make sure there aren't any entries for PC Secuyrity. since you need to use DOS get some commands fromt he DOS commands section of AntiOnline, (ie Use 'Edit <filename>' to edit a text/other file). Go into DOS on the good computer and put the System.dat from the floppy on the harddrive and the one on the harddrive onto the floppy (so you dont loose your own registry) make sure the system.dat originally from the floppy is in the same place yours was on the harddrive also then restart the omputer. When the computer loads back up (still on the good computer) go into Regedit and edit out any registry entries from PC Security including DLL OCX VXD registrations it's easy just use the find...then you have to go back into DOS and put the System.Dat thats now on the harddrive back onto the floppy and the one thats on the floppy back on the harddrive. Take the floppy to the ****ed computer and put system.dat back where you got it from (using DOS) then restart the computer and you'll be fine. I did a similar thing except it blocked it even in DOS, the program I found made it so I couldn't see my partitions eve. Have fun, happy hacking
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    Hackmania, why are you using quotes for every thread-title? It looks kinda " weird " ...
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