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Thread: spoofing in a nutshell

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    spoofing in a nutshell

    i've posted another one of my older tutorials on my site. again, leaving it there so that i can make modifications/edits as needed and the formatting abilities. this reproduction was in response to several questions on spoofing from another site; but i thought it might service some here as well. for some members, the initial sections will be remedial, as it tries to build a starting foundation. the applied stuff can be found in the last half.

    nothing revolutionary here - it's all been said before; my purpose is in the ease of understanding through adequate presentation.


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    Hey, VERY nice. At last a tut on spoofing that goes in depth (and doesn't confuse spoofing with proxy bouncing...)

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    Most exellent. Stuff like this really raises the bar for tutorials. This is an issue I've never gotten too far into, and I found this really informative. I'll be exploring spoofing a lot more now.....
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