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Thread: Give me a specific tutorial topic and I will write it

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    Give me a specific tutorial topic and I will write it

    I am looking for a tutorial topic to write on, give me a detailed one. Mostly about inet, encryption, vb, asp, or novell
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    do a tutorial on writing a cross platform VB program
    that should keep you goping for a while - hehe


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    I'd love to learn all about xinetd configuration...
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    Im a newbie in the hacker world, and i want to find passwords and usernames of a novell (version 4) server
    i copied some files ( .001, .loc, .class, .tab, .dos, .rpl, .idx, .mf) and they are crypted (well.... i think) i want to know how i can decrypt them or how i can find what i need

    if you can help me, thank you

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    how about a vb app that queries a flat db like a zonealarm or tiny log and displays a report
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    Encryption for newbies would be lovely.
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