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    I guess this begs the question is Mac more of a hardware company or a software one.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    You will not see OS X ported over to the x86 platform. OS X and the Aqua interface rely heavily on the velocity engine.

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    Well, I highly doubt OS X could be successful on x86. You have to keep in mind that Apple only has a decent stability record because they use basically one set of critical hardware. They aren't out there supporting the 93 different motherboards and three dozen chipsets for their processor. They have one chipset, one type of processor (two manufacturers). That's it, there's no problems with motherboard related issues, they never have to deal with that. IMO, you'd be taking all the trash of the Mac, trying to run it on all the evils of the PC, and you would get garbage as an end result.
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    Good point, chsh. The main reason I never plan to buy a mac is because of the closed nature of the hardware. You tend to get more choice, support, and plain-neat-stuff by going the IBM PC route of hardware. It WOULD be neat if they came out with a version for x86, but I doubt it would be too successful, given that Mac enthusiasts and PC enthusiasts would see it as a sort of bastard child OS born of wedlock, and the people willing to try it will have little to do with it due to it's low adoption.
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    Yeah I would get it just for another toy, I don't want to buy a mac for OSX so it would be a nice solution

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    I have used many Unix/Linux OS's which fit my needs well. My preference is to run a Linux based OS. I found using Linux to be very easy overall. Once one knows a 'nix operating system it is relatively straight forward. The 'nix based OS's can be intimidating for for one who has not had the chance to manipulate such an OS. In fact for many it is an overwhelming OS to run. Linux is getting easier to setup an intial install but there are still many line commands which must be performed which may scare new PC user away.

    On the other hand a MS OS initially comes installed on most of PC's sold. Set up the PC out of the box and it runs great. The next thing you know it is loaded full of junk ( Malware, incompatible programs, trogens, viruses, etc) and the box freezes up or is toast. Now in a short time the happy new owner of the PC is pissed. Most people have someone "fix" their machine for them. Other learn to reinstall the OS with ALL the other programs. The adventurous start changing settings and minor tweeks to suit their needs. The more technical manipulate the registry and solve other irritating MS problems. I am not an MS hater but I am fed up all the idiosyncrasies of MS OS's. Overall I have fought, cused, and been irritated by every GUI MS OS ever buiilt. Between DLL hell, and the never ending registry tweeks, driver nightmares, plus the latest game of XP authentication process, I have had it with MS operating systems.

    I believe porting Mac OS X to X86 / A64 would be a perfect OS for the general public as well as techno gurus. It combines the ease of a friendly GUI with the stability of a 'nix. Heck yes I would buy a copy.

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    how about this...
    in terms of graphic designing, Mac is still the best... am not insulting the oldx86... since you need a powerful and speedy flatform... there's no such machine that can compare to Mac.

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    The only reason I'm not being a total dick is that, ironically, when they started this conversation THREE YEARS AGO, hardly anyone would have beieved Apple would use an Intel processor in the Mac.

    But still... [gloworange]THREE DAMNED YEARS OLD[/gloworange]

    /* edit */

    Yes, I would use OSX in the x865 platform.
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