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    Switches and Hubs

    Hey all,

    One question, what is the difference between a switch and a hub?


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    Take a look at this... I'd explain it, but this way, you get pretty pictures.. :P

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    Hub or Switch

    I believe the switch separates each port into a collision domain. It's a smart device which maintains a MAC address table so that the next time a message comes into the switch with a destination mac address that is in the table for one of the ports, it will only send it to that port rather than flooding all connected ports/devices (broadcast). This, of course, reduces the traffic on the network. A hub, on the other hand, will floods the data out of all ports. I like the link Matty - very nice! I hope these posts help you out.

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    the easyest way i can tell you is that when a switch recieves a request, it sends it to appropriate computer/ip, and sends the infor back to the requestor. when a hub recieves a request it sends it out to every computer. then every computer has to decide if the request is for it or anotherone. when the request is answered and responed then again, every computer gets the response and has to decide if the response is for it or not


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