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Thread: Push the dummy down the stairs

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    Push the dummy down the stairs

    Check out this game I found: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=7090

    It's a what-happens-when-you-push-someone-down-the-stairs-game. No explicit content here, it's just a crash-test-dummy! I found out a good old push in the back does the most damage. Good to know....

    Quite fun anyway, it's a Finnish guy who made it. It's a 2MB download, and it's free.

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    "Porrasturvat - Stair Dismount" is the name. I think it was the winning game in Assembly 2002's Game Design Compo. I posted a thread about Assembly when it was going but no one replied. Anyway, more info about Assembly here: http://www.assembly.org/ and Stair Dismount's own homepage here: http://taat.fi/taat/porrasturvat/

    Btw, I really don't understand how they get those scores that are in the all time Top 200 list... My personal record is some 80.000 but the best score there is more than ten times bigger (and the worst is about 5 times bigger)...
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    Heh, heh, funny game. I saw it being played on the Screen Savers.
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    Can you get the guy drunk, spin him around four or five times, and ask him to follow your voice as you run down stairs. I don't think its funny, but some jocks did it to a few guys in highschool. The thing I don't get about jocks is. Alot of them would like to make it to the pros, but then again. A lot of the stuff they do to eachother could be quite dangerous.

    won't make it far busting up your body parts in HS

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