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    Lightbulb The Ultimate In Overclocking...

    I was cruising the net for some info on overclocking my system and stumbled across THIS
    Hope You Enjoy
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    LOL...and they think we 'Kentuckians" are backwards....I don't see anyone in 'silicon vally' smart enough to overclock their house!! Tooooooo funny
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    hehehehe, a 900MHz house, what next?

    the m/s version would need compulsory upgrades and would keep falling over due to system crashes :-)

    blue screen would now call the emergency services ' blue screen of death'

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    I wonder how much that house is worth.

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    The house will be worth around 1 million, but wait for a year and it will be only 300K and a year after that, you will only be able to buy it on Ebay...

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    i guess after a year....there will be a house running at 1.5 GHz(courtsy moore's law)..........
    so y go for the petty 900 Mhz 1???
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    so what happens to the house if he has a crash? What about a virus? I hope he's got a firewall on those power lines........
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    Originally posted here by mrleachy
    hehehehe, a 900MHz house, what next?
    I have to ask the same question-----what's next?

    Although, funny nevertheless!

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