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    Originally posted here by allenb1963
    I'm a bit surprized that nobody mentioned Network Solutions (Verisign), www.netsol.com , on this one. They may not be the cheapest, but they give excellent service.
    I agree. Network Solutions has given me excellent service for both of my domain names. Try not to get sucked into ads about your domain being "active in 24 hours!". It will always take 24-48 hours for a domain name to get propagated out to most servers in the CONUS, and up to 72 hours globally.

    If you're not concerned about hosting, are you running your own DNS server, too?
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    You could get dirt cheap hosting from certain companies, because they don't provide a DNS service, so if you were going to have your own DNS server running, do a search for DNSless domain names, you'll get good deals.

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    Originally posted here by morfius
    When registering a domain name, you should remember how easy it is to remember, and where the user would end up if they misspelled it. For example, if for some reason your company was called pron, it isn't such a good idea to use pron.com, since it can be easily misspelled for something else. Also some computers/networks might have filters that block out specific combinations of letters. Hrms..what else...oh and dont make it too long or too hard to remember. Try to keep it simple, and in a top level domain (novice users might not recognize .nl or .tk or something like that).

    Personally I use www.icdsoft.com for domain hosting AND registering.
    They are very cheap! 5 bucks a month! and they give you 333mb of space and everything else you need. (mySQL php etc). And the register your domain name for just another 5 bucks. And they have the best support i must say. Damn i sound like a sales person now.

    Hope that helped.
    Good advice on the name, Morphius. Also don't try to mimic a well-known trademark name then provide a similar service.
    However, i went to your icdsoft.com link, and yes they advertise $5 hosting but then they go on to say subsequent accounts are $40 (hosting only) or $50 (hosting plus name).... So, what's the real deal there... it sounded pretty good (equipment plus features) until they got to the $40/$50 accounts, so, is there another page of fine print for the $5 hosting?

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