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    as for FuBu... Your going to be cursed on AO until you lose the [FB-Army] part of your name. Sorry to say, but it is true.

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    thanks for the support fellas. it feels good to know that im appreciated. i believe as a member here its my job to contribute. ill see you all on irc no matter what happens though :P

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    I sit here and read post after post. Affraid to death to even think of entering my opinion however, flame or not here it is. I am a newbie, i admit it. Though i starve for the knowledge on this site i feel this is a fair answer. Place limits on whom it is that can post neg's. Either you must have so many AO Positive points or you cannot be a newbie to post a neg. We the newbies are the same people, the same people you seniors were years ago. I think unless you earn your right to post a Neg. it shouldn't be an option.
    Just when i got used to yesterday, along came today.

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    Hmm, I also couldn't help but notice that khakisrule recently got a gray dot, though he had a green one when he said he left, looks like somebody is balancing out on members.
    BTW, I uploaded this thing in jpeg, couldn't we all do that? It would help dial-up users.

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    if these people are serious about wanting back and are willing to try they should get a second chance,if they repeatedly kept screwing up then they don't
    there are only two things that are universal hydrogen and stupidity-frank zappa

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    Just start a new accout and never admit to being a FB-Army member. With only a few post and a bunch of red dots this shouldn't be a big deal.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    as you can see it "WAS" worth it.

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