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Thread: Msbackup -error log question

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    Msbackup -error log question

    following the directions at


    I have decided to atempt to re partition and format my hard drive as to try to solve some problems during linux instation.

    I have installed msbackup and choose to back up my entire hard drive. I have a second drive which I formated as FAT32 ahead of time. The second drive (Drive D will be used to store my backup.

    Backup completed then the verification process started, I assume the verification is simular to linux's MD5SUM check. It checked my backup and told me there were errors. I saved the errors log file and atached it to this post.

    Alot of the error message made sence, such as the cookie errors, simply because they were in use. Thats all ok. The errors I am concered about are:

    Error: D:\MyBackup.qic - busy
    Processed File Count: 14,655
    Corrupt File Count: 6
    Total Bytes After Compression: 630,461,987
    Total Bytes Before Compression: 954,021,533

    My question:

    Does this mean that after I re partiton and format my hard drive, and atempt to restore from my backup, do those errors mean that my backup file will not work and I wont be able to restore from my backup?
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    Considering I haven't even touched MS Backup since using in in NT 4.0 years ago, I can't answer your question directly. I can suggest, however, that you re-do the back, but don't do anything in the background. It's best to do such backups on a "clean" system. My recommendation is to empty all temp/internet folders. Then restart the computer. As soon as the computer is finished restarting, run the backup and let it do it's thing without any interference. If you're concerned about being unable to do what you need to do, just do it over night so that you don't have to worry about using the compter.

    Personally, though, if you're going to format and repartition anyway, I suggest just reinstalling everything from scratch. Backup all of your documents, favorites, e-mail, etc. to the D: drive. Then, once you format, re-install Windows. Once that's complete, install all of the other programs you plan to use and then copy your documents, etc. back into their respective places. You're going to have to re-install Windows to recover the backup anyway, so why not just give yourself a clean start? I can guarantee that you're system will run better after doing so.


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    10X for your sugestions. I did a new backup. I then re-partitoned and formated the drive, and then installed windows with msbackup and then used msbackup to restore from my backup.

    Everything went smoothly, it even put my aston shell back and made it active again.
    www.astonshell.com incase someone is interested.

    The first time I ever re-partitioned, my boot disk did not have format.exe on it, so I thought, but actualy it did, it was ziped into edb.cab so all I had to do was extract format from it, but I did not know that. But this time I got myself prepared by asking questions and finding apropriate resources.

    Now I have a 1.95GB primary partiton with FAT32 on the first HDD and the remainder of the 2GB HDD is for my linux swap file, so that I can make my entire second drive a native linux.

    I have two hard drives, 2GB and 1GB thats why I wanted to re partition as to make my swap file on the 2GB HDD.

    Thanks once again for the sugestions
    In snatches, they learn something of the wisdom
    which is of good, and more of the mere knowledge which is of evil. But must I know what must not come, for I shale become those of knowledgedome. Peace~

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