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Thread: AntiPoint tweak

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    Actually...if you look at your AP center, make a points assignment, then refresh your AP center you can see what you give out, positive or negative. Personally, I don't see where knowing what kind of punch you pack is harmful....I'd just like to be able to 'pull' my punches when the situation dictates as such. I do like Terr's vision of a drop-down menu though...thats pretty cool....good one Terr!
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    I would also like to see an option in the Antipoint Center that will list a running total of all the pos and neg points you have allocated to any given user. Used like a search, where you can enter the users name and it will display all points you have ever given that user. Just my $.02
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    Hi allen,
    well u gata nice suggestion inhere, and this answers MOST of the question been asked on how to control the AP system.
    Moreover, if this is done,,,it really gonna be a great thing and also will stop the the missuse of issueing -AP to some users who dosent deserves it.

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    Great idea. To bad it has been discussed quite a few times before. If it isn't set up now, its not going to be.
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