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    here i got a great trouble with floppies..
    1.the matter i stored is not being deleted and the floppy cannot be formatted.
    nearly 15 of my floppies are in this situation so please help me to get rid of this trouble..
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    Have you checked to see if the disk is locked? The little sliding piece in the corner..... open is locked, and closed is unlocked.
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    Check what problemchild said, cuz its more than likely that, but also have you tried using the floppy disks on another system? If it works on a different system, then your Floppy Drive is going to be knackered.
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    Are you keeping your floppies near the monitor? The electro-magnetic field can corrupt the disks. Try to scandisk the floppy and see what you get.

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    This is a very common problem.

    Do thorough scandisk (surface). Is this General Failure Reading Drive A. ????

    I dont know how this thread got "extremely positive".

    A person going to format/delete checks the write-protect notch. Is it??????

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    Are you trying to re-use the floppies, erase the information off the floppies, or just trying to figure out how this is happening.

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