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    As long as this is the great hacker “debate”, then gamemaster6502, let’s suppose someone with extreme computer knowledge is doing research online, clicks on a link, which alleges information s/he (I like this abbreviation) is looking for but instead is re-directed to an extremely graphic porn site. This person decides, in the heat of the moment, to fix it so they ‘never do this again’, breaks in and makes all their links point to Billy Graham’s web site and replaces all the graphic porn pictures with photos of bill Clinton (supposing there’s a difference).

    Not that this would do one bit of good, but almost every one looses it a one point in their life. The law has been broken. The once omniscient hacker has cracked. Is this person now to be called a black-hat cracker for evermore, loosing any status gained in the community up too this point? Does all the knowledge and skills aquired before this incident become nullified?
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    well as for cwks comment on that kid who hacked yahoo...i think he must know how to do something, probably is good with computers(servers and such) but too imature to know that doing stuff like that is worthless, and a waste of time.
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