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    unable to see

    im running win2k with tiny personal firewall and sitting behind a linksys router. i can never surf my schools network and connect to other peoples comps on my schools network unless i drop the firewall and unhook the router. why is that?

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    Why do you want to "surf my schools network and connect to other peoples comps" in the first place? Do they know what you're doing and why?
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    From what you said, it sounds like you're in a dorm... first off, it's illegal to access other student's computers without their express permission. As for accessing the campus network, you most having something configured incorrectly on either the router or the firewall which is blocking access.


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    The whole point of a Firewall is to configure rules to police traffic...Chech your rulesets.

    Routers can have access-lists which perform packet filtering which could also drop a connection.

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    It definitely sounds like the router is configured incorrectly. Make sure of the network settings (ip and so on...) and also make sure you don't have the router blocking certain traffic outbound from your node.

    Oh, btw, this would be a good time to try using those diagnostic tools built into TCP/IP - tracert and ping - if you haven't already done so. If you can do these successfully, then its probably the configuration/blocking at the router. Hope this helps.
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