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Thread: Who’s spying on my Hotmail? -- eBlaster spyware

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    Who’s spying on my Hotmail? -- eBlaster spyware

    Well this isn't exactly "new" news.. but I'm concerned for those at work, that this "legal" trojan will pretty much take out whatever privacy you thought you had..

    MSNBC-Aug. 28 — Think using Yahoo or Hotmail e-mail at work protects you from your boss’ prying eyes? Think again. New spy software essentially lets employers or parents co-pilot virtually any kind of e-mail account, including private Web-based e-mail accounts like Yahoo and Hotmail. A new version of eBlaster spyware will secretly forward all e-mail coming and going through such Web-based accounts to a spy’s e-mail, allowing anyone to “ride-along” even the supposedly private e-mail.
    The whole article can be found here

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    Privacy....at work??? Bwaaahahahahaha....anyone who thinks they have privacy at work is dreaming....simple as that. Seriously though, EVERYONE needs to read up on this...it's yet another tool for malicious kiddies to use to wreak havok. Pay particular attention that this thing grants access to ANY type of email, not just Hotmail. Baaaad stuff here folks.
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    The potential for abuse is astronomical. What if you’re using your email to look for a better job? Or having numorus affairs with attractive co-workers. Will your average manager be content with just checking to see if you sending personal e-mails. How long until he starts to use information for his own means. The fact that this software is installed in the fist place is proof that your boss is most likely a sociopath with lack moral standards.
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    I think this convo between me and a friend of mine after reading this article is better than any reply i could type up alone........

    [06:00] <valhallen> if you use a computer with it installed on it to view or send an email - pop3 or web-based - it secretly fwds a copy to another addy
    [06:01] <D`Amour> assuming it can read the body and form of the webbased one correctly
    [06:01] <valhallen> and no AV prog can pick up on it cause not only is it legit but the US gov want to start installing it on like library/uni comps
    [06:01] <D`Amour> no av prog maybe, but someone will rls an app to pick it up
    [06:01] <valhallen> cause they found out that the guys involved with 9/11 were using public access comps like in librarys along with hotmail to keep in contact and organise themselves
    [06:01] <D`Amour> someone not in the us at least
    [06:03] <valhallen> heh what about when peps adapt it so u config it on ur own ocmp then bind it and it installs like sub7 or something
    [06:03] <valhallen> with no warning that its there
    [06:03] <D`Amour> heh adapt
    [06:03] <D`Amour> its not like its open source
    [06:03] <D`Amour> that will take a lot of time
    [06:04] <D`Amour> maybe a month or 3
    [06:04] <valhallen> yeah but someone will prolly do it
    [06:04] <D`Amour> probably...
    [06:04] <valhallen> no more need to try and hack peps email accounts when every email they write/view is sent directly to u!
    [06:04] <D`Amour> but i think the app will never happen anyways
    [06:04] <D`Amour> not in the scale you think
    [06:05] <valhallen> its out already
    [06:05] <D`Amour> out doesnt mean its out like a virus ;/
    [06:05] <valhallen> nah some software company is selling it
    [06:05] <D`Amour> its like the whole palladin thing blown out of proportion
    [06:05] <valhallen> for like businesses and such
    [06:06] <valhallen> suppouse why worry about someone seeing ur email when bleedin carnivore is recording every packet u send
    [06:06] <D`Amour> people get too paranoid
    [06:07] <D`Amour> i'm not bothered that i d/l vast amounts of stuff everyday
    [06:07] <valhallen> some times its good to be paranoid :P
    [06:07] <valhallen> nah ur worried about all that Clinton/monica porn u get
    [06:08] * D`Amour twitches
    [06:08] <D`Amour> sssh ;p
    [06:08] <D`Amour> echelon will pick up the buzzwords ;p


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    heh.. i already see wannabe crackers asking for this program and the crack for it in the newsgroups.. so we can envision the day when they will start modifing it and spreading it like other trojans..

    and yes.. i'm sure that companies will use this (or the competitors version) along with keyloggers..

    now while it said that most webmail could be caught this way (but not all) I'm wondering
    if.. even without a keylogger, that they can modify it to catch what we post on a forum.

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    From http://www.spectorsoft.com/products/...ows/index.html

    "Optional Remote Install

    If you are not able to physically go to the computer on which you wish to install eBlaster, you may benefit from our Remote Install Add-On, which allows you to email the eBlaster program to the recipient's email address. Perfect for parents with kids away at school or employers with remote offices.

    >>> Click here to find out whether the eBlaster Remote Install Add-On is right for you."

    Sounds like a trojan to me.... I wonder if the Antivirus companies are going to set up a scan for this product?

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    Discuss: What will PGP play in this role? Unless this software is also secretly a keylogger... ?
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    At one place I was working at, the admins promptly told us that they
    recorded *everything*, but that it was OK to do stuff like pay your
    bills and email your friends. They also said that they'll be checking
    the amount of time you spend on the internet at work.

    (atleast they were honest)

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    good point, WebCarnage...

    I would think that encrypting your messages would defeat it.. but how many hapless
    employees would know enough to do so ? I'm sure that if once the folks know that
    this trojan is in place in their workplace, that they would either encrypt or disable the
    trojan (and then get fired) BUT, if it does have a keylogger then all bets are off
    and you'd be faced with making a bootable os off of a cdrom or use one of those
    *nix off a floppy distros.. or just do WORK only... egads..

    really the next step should be to get a copy of this thing and take it for a spin so
    at least one would know how to tell if it was running on their system.

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    Hope the AVs get a sig and detect it. You can run something like F-Prot off a floppy.....
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