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Thread: a little HaXoR comedy

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    a little HaXoR comedy

    here's a funny link... i heard it was a joke... but some people say it is real... either way... funny ****

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    ahhhhh, i am now more stupid

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    WTF was that? I would assume that is a skript kiddie trying to impress his friends, but he claims to be a security consultant. If that is true... Security really did go down the toilet.

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    Question whahuh?

    Can people like that really exist? Its got to be a joke, he has enough knowledge to "sort of" put a page together, it has to be a joke, or a really lame skiddie.

    I vote joke ... yep thats it ... joke.
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    If he could just rewrite it in something vaguely resembling English......

    Here's my favorite quote fom the site. The sad thing is, it could almost be true. LOL

    Microsofts is makeing Whistlar because they ran of out years for Windows. Windows still runs on DOS (DOS Operatian Service) and that means it wasent Y2K compabatible, which means that they had too stop at Windows 2000. If they made a Windows 2001 then teh computar machene would think its 1901 and then it would run on coal or steam powar!!!
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    come on no-one can believe that is real!!!
    /me giggles at the ask JK section

    would be funnier tho if he didn't make SO many spelling mistakes - well i doubt they're mistakes at all but u know what i mean....


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    hehe check out http://www.1337.net Just as funny!
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    hmmm....Look's kinda like a Honey-pot, something like this would really get some ppl all up in a bunch, and such.....
    Ach well, funny ****

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