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Thread: [.JPEG,.gif] encryption

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    Exclamation [.JPEG,.gif] encryption

    Ppl of the Lateral Populace~CYBERSPACE
    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
    In these DIGITAL SYSTEM ERA, I have known the process called steganography...
    Well, it took time for me to know.
    But will some digital guru [ ] tell me.
    What processes should I take for me to accomplish an encryption through pics;
    and what kind of SOFTWARE do you practically use in doing these kind of sensitive
    For I always need security in my side [Do I look paranoid?]
    Firewall among firewalls, VPN, Anti-Virus Softwares,
    what else could I get?
    Get a lyf sumhow.
    So to speak.


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    I have used PGP, it has strong encription and can encript image files. www.pgp.com

    the free version can be downloaded from http://www.pgpi.org/download/
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    Encrypting Images

    Hello netspy00,

    Are you wanting ecrypted data inside of images OR encrypted image files?

    If you want the encrypted data inside of images, then that is actually pretty easy... there are alot of programs out there that will encrypt and embed data in images...but what fun would that be.

    Take a look at this paper: http://www.geocities.com/pharmicomlabs/jpg/

    It will go through the steps of writing the code (In VB6) to embed text and data inside of images. Then once you got that down...go over to http://www.counterpane.com/blowfish.html and look for the VB6 Implementation of the Blowfish Encryption Algorithm...use those in conjunction and you will have a program that encrptys data inside of images

    Of course if you wanna just download a program that does it all for you then head on over to CNET and look up Steganography. I have a few links on my site (http://www.geocities.com/pharmicomlabs/onpro.html) in the Online Protection section.
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    He said stegaonagraphy. That means he wants to be able to hide information inside a gif/jpeg. It isn't really encryption at all. Encryption = changing text. Stegonagraphy = hiding text.

    Anyway, go to google and look for a program called CameraShy. Its pretty controversial because it is a free stegonagraphy program, but it works.
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