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Thread: Remove Your Head From Your Ass

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    Remove Your Head From Your Ass

    I would like to say that I never di anything wrong. I have been getting attacked from day one, can't you just remove your head from your ass and give a guy a break? Thank You!

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    You may think you never did anything wrong but complaints like this are wrong also, many people just won't like you beacuse of the [FB-Army] part of your name, wether thats just or not is another story however before complaining like this or in your complaints about APs as you have complained in the past I recommend you read the etiquette tutorial in the tutorial forum. To recieve respect you must provide respect without whining.
    what is love but contempt for hate?

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    [Insert well known picture of man with his head in his ass here]

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    Never did anything wrong(!?)

    /me casts eyes up about a cm above quick reply box to the similar threads box

    ummm lets see looks to me like you triple posted this for a start....thats a big no no in my book anyways!


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    Hey Val, he's banned. Lol, you saw it coming when he posted 6 lame site suggestions and everything. Joey, that was funny. Lol, anyways, he's banned and we can move on.. Somehow all those suggestions need to be whipped off the main screen though.

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