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Thread: Name Change

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    As a "newbie" I think it would be great to change my nick as I was not sure what I was getting into and now that I do do I would like to change to something more interesting.
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    Here's my idea of how it would work:

    You can only change your name after a period of X time since registering or your last name change. Your profile WILL SHOW your previous names, and will also show which ones are still 'reserved' (more on this later). All of the people on your buddy list will be warned, and your old name will remain 'reserved' for some time (months?) to keep someone from trying to impersonate you. While it is still reserved, PMs sent to your old name are bounced back to the sender, and the sender is notified that your name has changed.

    Otherwise, if the system forwarded, they might keep using your old name and get confused when it stops being forwarded. Furthermore, this allows people a discreet way of checking whether someone has changed their name or just left. Please note, the PM-bounce should NOT affect questions-about-this-AP-assignment blind PMs, that would be a no-no.

    That said... Why not?
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    Terr... Now you are right on the ball. Sounds great!

    If only we can hear JP's opinion.

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    Welp.. keep it in the site suggestion's and he'll see it eventually. I like this idea and would love to see it become a feature. It might be a tad bit complicated to put in but I'm hoping it can happen.

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