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    Cool Nod32

    IM just trying out nod32 as ive seen several reviews saying good things about it.

    just wandering if anyone else has tryed it and what you thought of it.
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    Im for the moment evaluating nod32 (used it three weeks) and I have not found any serious issues with it. I like the speed and clean interface (but that's only a matter of taste).

    I have the last year been evaluating many of the most popular av's for workstations, servers, mail etc. IMHO nod32 is the one I like best for workstations and the best AV for XP I have used so far (all other have had some problems or issues).


    Is there anyone who knows good or bad things about nod32, any discussion would be interesting since I probably will start use nod32 regulary on my machines and a second opinion is always nice .

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    Im a member of several security forums and NOD32 is a favorite on all of them (with Kaspersky Personal Pro as an alternate), I had only 2 issues with it.

    1. A false positive of a backup copy of DIY DataRecovery's Repoman (DOS) Which I constantly had to kill the AMON popup for (trial version, Im sureI could have ignored it but lacked full access)

    2. For some reason (and I didnt muck with my clock) My trial expired 3 days in. (Was doing a considerable amount of registry editing, and Im pretty confident that inadvertently caused it )

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