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    Cool expired Email

    How can I retrieve expired Email (hotmail) from 5 years ago? I am asking because someone sent me an anonymous Email to my OLD Email address that hasn't been used for years.
    Even though Hotmail cancels Email that isn't used for 6 months, it has to exist somewhere, I bet.

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    ok i think you would have to contact hotmail to see if they have the account archived and to activate it for you but is an annonymous email really worth setting up your old account again ? and how do u know some 1 sent u an anonymous email ? couldnt they have just sent it to your regular account try signing in with your old account to. my friend`s account was inactive for about six month and he got his activated but i dont know about 5 years
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    I don't want it because of the anonymous Email, it doesn't interest me, I wanted my old Email back before I received the above Email. How do I know it is anonymous: it was EMPTY. No message at all. I have some Email addresses in there that I lost.

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    Your reasoning boggles the mind........and your motives seem dubious...
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