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Thread: Automatic Log Out

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    Automatic Log Out

    Just recently after every post my system has been logging off of AO. Has anyone else been having this problem? I have been trying to trouble shoot, but I don't want to fill up the board with useless posts as I try to troubleshoot. Any suggestions? Please ignore any useless posts from me on this thread right after a suggestion. I need to test these suggestions out, and the garbage will be deleted.

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    Joey, I have been having the same problem, even if I refresh the page somtimes I get logged off, thought it was just something to do with the setup of my Linux box.

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    i think this was explained before..

    they said sumthing bout cleaning out ur cache or whatever..

    i cant totally rember.. i suggest deleteing all ur cookies and asuch and reloging in and see if it fixs it
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    I know if you clear your cookies it would cause this problem, but that is if you shut down your browser. This is happening every time I post. I am currently on my laptop running IcePack Linux. Is it possible I have my configuration set wrong?

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