I have read the posts about the best antiviruses, and it is very evedent that the best is in the eye of the beholder, anyway, Upon looking at AV reviews I have developed two questions.

if you visit http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibi...s/antivir.html

they have rated F-prot at 100% and AVG at 99.1%
I know that both of these AV use heuristics scaning (can be configured to do so) But if both use heuristics, and heuristics is suposed to find new or unkown virants, would the two AV programs be equal, in the sence of protection?

My next question/inquirey is:

I have read some reviews of Anti-Trojan software, and it apears as if tauscan is a very good one, next the trojan remover. But I do not have the money to buy software. Instead I found TFAK at:

[url] EDIT: I removed the link because along with the anti-trojan scanner, was also some script kiddie utilities, I do not want to premote illegal activities.

It also uses heuristics. Has anyone tryed this one or know of any other freeware anti-trojan software?