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    If your on probation you should have to go up to the chalk board and write the FAQ 100 times..

    oh that brings back memories..

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    Lmfao.. it would bring up memories for us delinquents. I remember those days too... ah... Anyways, back to this. I think that a new user should read the FAQ anyways and even possibly be directed to it (redirected, whatever) the moment they register. Don't know, JMHO.

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    I just want to go over the case here with you...I think if were talking about giving people "probation" of sorts, then the recipient would have to found guilty of idiotness, skiddyish, or what ever dont you think? We are American$ right? Lol...
    I present the evidence...

    Originally posted here by [FB-Army] FuBu
    I would like to say that I never di anything wrong. I have been getting attacked from day one, can't you just remove your head from your ass and give a guy a break? Thank You!

    Myself, KhakisRule, and melikesredhat will rip this **** up!
    At this point our little freind is making direct threats to haxor antionline. Ya know, I havent seen anyone that retarded in a while. Below in his thread on His favorite snack food and music, he discusses Smartfood,and Milk. I think this one may belong in the cosmos. <Sarcasm>

    Originally posted here by [FB-Army] FuBu
    I personally would stick with...
    Smartfood (White Cheese Popcorn)
    Milk (Chocolate or White)
    80's New Wave...
    I ask you... Does any one involved with this individual desearve to have any access to AO?
    Shyt I say block his entire domain, on charges of Stupidity by Association.
    It is better to be HATED for who you are, than LOVED for who you are NOT.

    THC/IP Version 4.2

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    Toker that does sound tempting - but its not just those peps am talking about
    I think it would be more to the benifit of those who have just arrived at AO and make a stupid post only to see their account vanish in a cloud of lil red dots!

    Maybe if they were allowed time to settle in they could prove to be an asset rather than an annoyance?


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    Agreed, however I think the whole FB-Army did a good job of letting people know they are nothing but an annoyance. Trust me toker, I don't like them at all either, but if you give a newbie a chance to turn your status so to speak around, then they might do it. I agree though that the Fubu guy didn't make anyone think he was an asset and just completely an ass. That's JMHO though..

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