Problems occur in our everyday lives but somehow we manage to get on with it... [no?]
Well, sir I have something to tell you as you read my message.
"Do you know who's looking behind you?" Even in your PC you didn't even know
that there's someone lurking in your system waiting the time that he ATTACKS.
I have read a news letter and might want to share it with you.
It stated that the first problems that is often encountered by home-users is that their computer systems is prone to attack by malicious hackers, crackers or
whoever you might think; who is capable in doing these devious act.

This however is only the biggest nightmare for security system which we consider

Thus they deploy some security strategic plans-- do you know some of them?

I took a look over my archive and found some of my favorite applications in
activating security over my PC... Here are some of them.

There are thing that you can do to defend yourself against these attacks:

1.) Ensure your remote users held a strict security policy.
2.) Ensure that your system are protected by some security software
(e.g VPN-Virtual Private Network)
3.)Apply patches on your system-- if you're not sure your PC is secured.
4.)Firewalls & Virus Detection Tools can be appropriate
5.) Shut and |Lock| the ever forgotten BACKDOOR
6.) Be calm. Don't get paranoid.

But still revenge is sweet.
You know what I mean.