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    Question Windows '98... locked out!!~

    Hey guys.. I was wondering how i could go about accessing the root folder in MS Windows 98. That is not the whole question. there are some problems i have to get around. For one, The run command is taken out of the start menu. Second, My Computer and other drive accesablility points are taken out. I wanted to know if there was a way to get to my C:/ drive using IE or something like that. If you could explain that for me i would be very greatful. Please let me know if you need any more information.
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    Why are these things missing? Has your sys admin limited access to them? If so, why is it so important for you to get around this?
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    What if it says access denied? I cannot get into my privilaged account. In the default account the run command and ms-dos are not accessible. Is there any way that I can get onto my admin account without re-setting cmos?
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    your admin account? if you are admin of the box, you shouldnt have had an actual administrator deny you privildges. we arent going to teach you how to crack into your network. and if you actually were admin on the box, i recommend typing C:/ in the browser window to get to the c drive, only if you have the right privildges that will work, and for dos, C:/system32. i hope you are doing the right thing, but if you arent, this info wont help you any.

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    Thanks a lot er0k.. Dont worry.. this is really my box. I called my friend that was over and he was laughing at me.. He changed it on me and decided that it would be funny to remove run and ms-dos.. I got it back up with no problems. Sorry if it sounded like i was being a crax0r :/
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    no problem bro, it just sounded like you were trying to gain restricted access. glad i could help. next time dont let your friend screw with your machine though

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    hehe no ****.. im puttin bios password on right now :-D
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    I'm just curious...Was it System Policy Editor (poledit) that he used? We used that in the past to lock down the Win 9x boxes before we went to Win2k.

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    I'm assuming it was a bois,
    hehe no ****.. im puttin bios password on right now :-D
    But I donno.
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