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Thread: What women want.....

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    What women want.....

    Browsing through the movie channels tonight I came across an old film by micheal J Fox called The conicerge (1993)

    For those of you who havn't seen it basically Fox plays a hotel Concierge who needs some rich guys backing to fund his dream project but they both love the same woman - same old kinda story line...but there was one bit got me thinking....

    The rich guy is constantly trying to manipulate the woman and is always trying to think of the right thing to tell her. Now that may sound like every relationship the world over but what the question it raised in my mind was:

    'If men spent less of their time trying to say what they think the woman wants to hear in order to get what they want and more time being an honest and good person towards them would they get what they want anyways?'

    Perhaps it might work out better in the long run as its too hard to be constantly saying the right things....but if your just honest maybe sometimes you may say the wrong things but will the fact that your being honest and decent cancel out those times? Will it infact work out better in the long run?

    People are always talking about telling people what they want to hear in order to carry favour but perhaps what people want to hear and what they actually want are 2 completely seperate things(!?) And maybe just maybe one is held in higher esteem than the other?

    Heh ok I might have a lil too much to drink tonight but it has certainly gave me something to think about and I hope a few others too!


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    Always tell the truth unless the subject is her appearance or her weight.
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    Yeah, the "How do I look?" and the "Do you think |I'm fat?" questions warrant a reflex answer. As does "Did you ever cheat on me?"

    heh heh
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    Of course it would e nice to say that honesty is the best bet in the long run, but I just donīt think it is the truth all the time! Most of the time it is, but many times it is to difficult to explain the truth so that others actually understand what you are saying! So you choose the shortcut! I know this is wrong but it is a fact non the less! (This could be why you went drinking with the boys )

    One place where I never lie is the way i feel! If I feel something I say it, and that sometimes gets me into to trouble! Never lie about how you feel that gets you in trouble very fast, and you end up where you really donīt wanna be!
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    'If men spent less of their time trying to say what they think the woman wants to hear in order to get what they want and more time being an honest and good person towards them would they get what they want anyways?'
    If women placed less emphasis on talking and analysing every word we say, how we said it and how we were acting when we said it and then calling their girlfriends to ask "last night he said .... what do you think he meant?", then maybe women would get what they want...honesty.
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    Here's an idea: Just be yourself.

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    One girl may like u for something that another girl would hate u for. You just have to be urself and hope that the girl you want is the one that will like you for you. If a girl doesnt like you for you then it was not meant to be and you just have to continue on and hope that you do find the right one sooner or later. JUST BE YOURSELF, or truely YOU would never have gotten a girl.

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    We aren't that hard guys...we just want you to tell us the truth, and love us. That's all we ask for. Just be our friend (yes, it's VERY possible) and love us, and don't play games with us. We analyse what you say, because a lot of the time, what you're saying is something we've heard before, and it wasn't true. Just be yourselves, and love us. That is ALL we want. Best of all....like I said, please be our friend.

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    Wait, were not that hard either. You want to talk about simple minded creatures lets talk about men. Were the most simple creature in the universe. We dont want anything extravagent. Its nice to say Just be yourselves but its a two way street. Women have to be themselves also. Ive been in so many dumb relationships where i was with a girl and she was to fake. I love women. They are the most beutiful creatures ever created but they are also the most complex to figure out. So if ALL women want is a friend, ill gladly be there friend.
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    I think you are all right. I analyze every word if the person has had past behavior to make me suspicious. And the loaded question "Do these jeans make me look fat?" Why even ask? If he tells the truth she gets mad. If he lies she's mad because he lied.

    I understand people say be yourself. If that is so, why do many people cheat on their spouse/lover?

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