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    Quick Tip, Tip

    I think it would be a good idea, if there were links to the quick tips that users make, that are accepted and put on the db. like when you view someones profile, and it says quick tips: X amount here. underneath that it could have links to those so that a person could read what the other person is saying. that way the quick tips are more accessible etc... i made a text file of an example that i will post below.

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    I think this has been suggested before, but even if it has, I like the idea nonetheless. My vote is yes! Oh, btw, with the link should come with sort of.. reference so to speak, to those who have written Quick Tips and their tip. Kinda like a Quick Tip ScrapBook. That's just another weird site suggestion by me...

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    The last suggestion I saw on this I replied to with the link to all the quick tips, which I have since lost (don't ask). It would be nice to have a link to the quick tips placed prominently on the main page.
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    Eh. I dunno, it would be tough weeding out duplicate entries. I know I submitted a tip once, but I guess it never got in :P
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