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Thread: Linux Journal 2002 Editor's Choice Awards

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    Linux Journal 2002 Editor's Choice Awards

    The 2002 Linux Journal Editor's Choice Awards are out. And the winners are:

    * Server Appliance: SnapGear for Lite/Lite+ SOHO Firewall/VPN Client
    Honorable Mention: Sun Microsystems for Cobalt Qube
    * Security Tool: GPG
    * Web Server: IBM for xSeries
    Honorable Mention: Sun Microsystems for Cobalt RaQ XRT
    * Enterprise Application Server: Zope
    * Technical Workstation: HP for x4000
    * Web Client (Tie): Mozilla and Galeon
    Honorable Mention: Konqueror
    * Graphics Application: The GIMP
    * Consumer Software: KDE 3.0
    * Communication Tool: Ximian for Evolution
    * Development Tool: Emacs
    Honorable Mentions: Borland for Kylix, and Kdevelop
    * Database: MySQL Honorable Mention: PostgresSQL
    * Backup Software: Sistina Software for Logical Volume Manager
    * Office Application: Sun Microsystems for OpenOffice 1.0
    * Mobile Device: Sharp for Zaurus
    * Training and Certification Program: Linux Professional Institute
    * Game: Sunspire Studios for TuxRacer
    Honorable Mention: Pysol
    * Technical Book: Linux Device Drivers 2nd Edition by Alessandro Rubini and Jonathan Corbet (O'Reilly & Associates)
    * Non-Technical Book: The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World by Lawrence Lessig (Random House)
    * Web Site: Google
    * Product of the Year: Sharp for Zaurus
    I must say it's nice to see a lot of my favorite apps on the list this year. Galeon, Evolution, Gimp, OpenOffice..... I'm a bit surprised to see Google on the list. Not that it doesn't deserve it, just that it isn't a Linux web site.

    The official announcement is here.
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    I am not surprised that google is there

    http://www.google.com/linux check out the website logo !

    and from http://www.google.com/press/highlights.html -
    "* Scaling Google's core technology to conduct more than 150 million searches per day by building the web's largest index of web pages (over 2 billion), powered by the world's largest commercial Linux cluster (more than 10,000 servers)."

    ..... makes them pretty much Linux to me, and probably awarded for the use of the technology behind the site rather than the content.



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    Question Linux Basics

    I am looking into the possibility of reconfiguring an outdated PII laptop into a Linux machine (from Win2K), and need somewhere to start gathering information. Rather than starting a new thread, I thought about utilizing an existing Linux discussion (to save time sorting through an entirely new thread) to help me start gathering info.

    "Training and Certification Program: Linux Professional Institute " Would this be the best place for finding self-paced educational materials? I wish to learn Linux in my spare time at home on my old laptop. Any help, as always, is welcome.
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    The best way to learn Linux, IMO, is just to jump headfirst into it. That's what I did years ago. Just install it, and deal with questions as they arise - one at a time. It's an exciting learning adventure.

    The standard piece of advice I always give is that the best resource available to you is Google. Any question you can possibly have can be answered with the right Google search. I'm not a big fan of Linux books and such, simply because the pace of Linux development is so fast. By the time those books get written and printed and finally hit the shelves, they're pretty well outdated. The information online stays much more current and will be much more help to you, I think.

    I would suggest starting at some of these web sites:


    If you have questions about Linux once you get into it, I and (I'm sure) plenty of others will try to answer them.
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