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    Here's the solution to your problem:

    After the end of your HTML code (i.e. </html>) add this code:

    <a style="position:absolute; display:none;">

    It will hide the geocities ads, please include it in all your web pages.

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    Originally posted here by chefer
    I tried the site myself on a few different browsers, including opera, mozilla, and konqueror. No troubles had, though I don't have to worry about spyware on my system so much.

    All things considered, it seems that the access issue is going to be on your own side for access purposes. Gator has targeted Ads via spyware which may prevent you from browsing as is normal. Try the instructions at this site to remove it.
    If that doesn't work, I believe that the Gator directory is GMT. Run a find for this directory on your system. Inside there is typically an uninstaller that should remove it from your system. If not, then you will likely want to remove the directory, and manually remove it from the registry, or make it easy on yourself and get yourself Adaware.

    disclaimer : the following instructions are to be run at your own risk. If you are at all unsure about what keys to remove, then don't do it. It is easiest for you to just get yourself a copy of Lavasoft's AdAware

    To manually remove from registry : start -> run -> regedit -> back up your registry ( file -> export registry, or Registry -> export registry [varies based on OS]) -> edit -> find -> gator
    This can be time consuming, when it locates the reg entry, delete it.
    repeat the find for GMT as well.

    I agree with this totally it looks like the popup ads you are getting are coming fro Gator being installed on your system that you use to browse this site. I when there with no popup ads at all. Gator many times gets packaged with downloaded software the promotes faster internet connection, organizing you favorites, it comes with one of the version of the Divx Player, Cute FTP, many others. I hate gator stuff. If I need to use the software for some reason I install it use the software for what I need it to do, then remove the software from my system making sure the Gator software is removed, then run Lavasoft's Adware.

    Once done you shouldn't have any other issues with popup ads on this site.
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    Gator is a program that is running on your computer. It is a Spyware/Malware program, you can remove it with the free AdAware download from Lavasoft.


    I run this on startup (look in the help file), gator may need a reboot and a re run of AdAware to be removed successfuly.

    Note: Gator and other spyeware/malware apps are often incorporated into 'Freeware' programs. these 'Freeware' programs will often not run unless you have the spyware intalled. One axaple of this is Grokster the P2P filesharing client. I would read carefuly the EULA of all 'Free' software.
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    Gator is a spyware program goto http://www.lavasoftusa.com and install the program. Other programs to watch out for that serve ads are cydoor, doubleclick to mention a few. These programs usually install along with Kaaza, or other free programs on the web. It really is worth it to read EULA's (End User License Agreements) though it can be confusing look for words like you agree to let 3rd party corps use your computer for their gain.
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