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Thread: HERE you can SearchSecurity

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    Lightbulb HERE you can SearchSecurity

    As we are now in a security community, to those who use Google a lot for searching, this is prolly a better alternative (some old members maybe aware of it).

    You can search security specific topics at SearchSecurity.com. It will narrow down any search to only security related links/topics.

    For instance, if you search for "apache" at SearchSecurity, it will display apache's new exploits (and their patches), security benchmarks, and other links related to apache security. In contrast, Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Excite, or Lycos (all are listed in the AO search engine list and can be accessed at the bottom of this page), will display the official homepage, FAQ, How-tos, and other generic links for apache.

    Hey, what about adding that site to the AO search engine list? Dunno about the legal stuff though.

    Note: The same company also provides other specific search engine such as SearchNetworking.com, SearchDatabase.com, and many other. Just go to their site to find out more.

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    This is a great site. Just checked it out. Thanx jdenny
    Alright take it ease

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