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    Astronomy Club

    Y0 ppl, i have been thinking about proposing an Astronomy Club at my high school. We have around 500 students overall. Anyway to the point. I was wondering if any of you are or were in a club such as this at your high school, what it involves, and if its worth it. im kinda a freelance skywatcher and have been for a while now, just wanted something else to go on my resume, as well as something else i could enjoy. we have a good physics teacher that said he would be interested, i just want to know what you all think. Basically if its any fun, i know depending on the $$ and student number, but still.... im just teetering on proposing it.

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    Sounds kewl to me...want some good free software? check out http://winstars.free.fr/english/index2.html
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    Good idea, we had an Astronomy Club at our school. The thing is that it is expensive.. Very very expensive. And it takes a lot of time and effort to plan things. You need to have people with a lot of knowledge of the sky and telescopes. Good Luck!

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    I think it's a great idea. The good thing is that you alread have a teacher that's interested in helping out. We had clubs when I was in school, and I think it was a very positive experience for me. The experience is great, and if it just so happens to be the field in which you are interested, then that's a big plus! I say go for it.
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    Sounds like a great idea,
    you might want to go to a nearby college or university and talk to one of the students or professors and have them explain how they set up their meeting and equipment.
    thats what i did I went to yale university and asked around the astronomy dept.
    I'm setting up a database where people can log on and type in coordinated a retrieve information on astroids and other debre in near earth orbit....

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    that sounds really cool nth man, the thing is, the nearest university is 90 miles away. I dont want to waste gas money on just taking a chance of receiving valid info, at least until im sure of the club. we have a nice telescope, its like a 20 inch diameter one. the teacher in question is qualified, since he owns the telescope, teaches physics, physical science, and chemistry, and is an avid astronomer. i didnt get a chance to talk to the administration today, but ill try again tomorrow.

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