Well, as most people know that use IRC, you can get information from antichat with the ! commands. Well, they get really anoying in the main channel when everyone starts to spam the channel with !stat, !place, !top10, etc etc. What people don't know, or if they do know it, they don't know how, is that you can control antichat with /msg instead of !.

Basic command....
/msg AntiChat <command> <channel> [options] [nick]

so whats that mean...
!top10 = /msg Antichat top10 #generalchitchat
!place = /msg Antichat top10 #generalchitchat
!top10 bans = /msg Antichat top10 #generalchitchat bans
!stat = /msg Antichat stat #generalchitchat
!stat souleman = /msg Antichat stat #generalchitchat souleman
etc etc

oh yeah.... the !seen command doesn't require a channel... ie /msg Antichat seen souleman

If you are in a query window, you can talk to AntiChat just like any other pm. the commands are the same, but don't require the /msg Antichat part. So if you open a query window at the start of you session, its easy to check anything you need at any time.
[00:53] <souleman> seen liran
[00:53] -AntiChat- Liran (dome@anti-17CB349D.dsli.com) was last seen quitting from #GeneralChitChat 1 hour, 45 minutes ago stating (Quit: Client Exiting).
[00:53] <souleman> top10 #generalchitchat
[00:53] <AntiChat> Top10(words): 1. Debwalin(36058) 2. SwiftyMC[](34137) 3. Rewandythal(29002) 4. Darksnake(24924) 5. RiOtEr(23603) 6. Redgore(21934) 7. chsh(19440) 8. GreekGoddess(18965) 9. er0k(18621) 10. Quad-u-lator(18373)
[00:54] <souleman> stat #generalchitchat
[00:54] <AntiChat> souleman: 16317 words 86217 letters 65 smileys 4624 minutes.
note... seen replies with a notice, not in a pm. also, I haven't figured out if/how lastspoke works.