After having my personal web page online for a year and receiving no emails at all, I became suspicious and started sending emails to myself through the email button on the web page from other computers and email addresses and having friends do the same. The result is that none of these attempts puts an email in my MSN inbox, and the Internet Post Office does not return them to sender as undeliverable.

So the question is: did the webpage desiger and webmaster not install the button properly or has it been disabled deliberately by a hacker. I know that my email is or has been read by a hostile source and recent downloads from the Net have not gone well. I recently tried to download Group Mail for an online business startup and it was a mess; a fragment of it is still on my desktop. I had to abandon the business because of so many technical problems. Malicious activity? I don't know.

Before I alert the webmaster of my web site to the problem, I'l like to hear from you guys. How can you tell if the web page email has been hacked? Can you tell the date and IP address of first attack? Is it something that has been installed and stays there or must the block be periodically renewed? Can I do anything at my end or is corrective action up the webmaster? Will any defense on my part help, like Zone Alarm Pro? I have been running the free version of ZA and Pest Patrol along with Norton Antivirus 2000. Isn't it a federal crime to tamper with a website like this? Do I hear laughter when I say this??

What do you think? Thanks for your help.