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Thread: VB Language?

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    VB Language?

    I am gonna be looking at some popular VB virus codes (VBS.LoveLetter, etc.). And I'm gonna be fooling around with it to see if I can add/remove pieces of the codes and test them on my older testing computer. But first I will need to know the basic/most used codes used in VB virus making in order to analyze the virus codes and then make changes and save/test them. I am interested in seeing how these codes work. Does anyone here that studies VB codes know where I can find basic and important codes/commands on the net for VB virii? Thanks

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    bub, word of advice...you have too many reds to making a double post...I'd delete one of them before you end up getting yourself banned.
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    Ryan Nyquist, I have held my tongue for a while, but I have really dumb questions for you: What's with you and the virii? Also, how can you look at snippet code when you do not know what language it was written in?

    Almost every post I have seen had to do something with a virus by either you getting infected, what a virus does and in so many words how to write them. While I understand this might be for legit purposes, wouldn't it be best to learn the basics first?

    edit: Ahhh, never mind, he's banned anyway.

    Just wondering.

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    Warning from Norton AV:

    Norton has detected the RN_VB virus, if you wish to be infected please download vbSP6 now
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    You know guys and gals,

    Believe it or not, you can learn alot from studying virii source code. I remember when I first started programming many years back, I studied virii for quite some time. Anyways, everyone has to start somewhere so...

    Ryan Nyquist,

    Search around for a site called Virii Argentina or Black Cat Virii Group (or something like that) If I remember right they have source code for alot of those VB/VBA virii.

    If you can't find those, do a Google Search...

    Just remember Ryan, if you play with fire...you get burnt!!

    Have Fun
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    Ok, now seriously ryan, (I assume you are still checking your active threads) why did you post this twice? And even then why didn't you delete the other thread? Quick Tip: Don't post twice, it really really annoys people.

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    Actually, look at his profile.... he posted it 3 times.
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    if you go to microsoft.com they have a 101vbnet file to dl that i think give a discription on how to use 101 lines of code.

    heres the link


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