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    Angry A rant


    I ****ing hate the healthcare system around here. It sucks, I pay every month to be covered by premium insurance. As soon as I get sick I call my doc to make an appointment, and he's ****ing booked untill next Wednsday! This is on TUESDAY morning by the way.

    So I go to a walk in health care provider that afternoon, and it costs me $140 dollars for them to take my temp, blood pressure, and make me stick out my tongue and say AHHHHHH! The doc took a culture, and it wasnt strept, so knowing it wasnt a bacterial infection he ****ing perscribes me to ammoxicillin anyways. I asked him if it might be viral, he says maybe, but take the antibiotics, they will help. It has done nothing but get worse! Today I cant even open my ****ing mouth wide enough to get my pinky finger in! Cant swallow, havent eaten since MONDAY! So just now, thursday evening, I called a doctor, and he gives me some **** about dissolving 2 asprin in my mouth, I've already done that! It doesnt help! Grrrrr, I'm going to the black market to get some painkillers that will actually freakin work!! Or better yet, I'll cut these damn things outta my throat myself!


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    Oh I get it.

    You're informing us about this new virus that you downloaded which made you physically ill, and that the healthcare system wouldn't take you in immediately, because you were not up to date on your antivirus software?

    ~Just trying to figure this situation out~

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