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Thread: whats the most important thing?

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    Question whats the most important thing?

    Well I've been posting for quite a while now - and have slowly progressed through the ranks till I have now reached my 1000th post! Yes this post will be the big 1 0 0 0....
    And I have been thinking for quite a whiloe now as to what to write....
    I wanted something I could remember something that other members would remember...
    I thoguth over and over again on what to do - another tutorial? a dramatic cosomos post? even something highly humerous! Then it cameto me - what part of AO DO i VALUE MOST?

    Is it the tutorials? - Is it the humour? - Is it the IRC conversations? - Is it the debates in cosmos?

    The answer to all those questions is yes and no!!!!
    After querying it alot in my own head I have come to the conclusion that the thiing I value most is you yes you the person reading this post right now! You the fellow member of AO!!

    The simple reason for me is this - I value the community of AO above everything else!
    some may come here for....
    • the tutorials - who writes the tutorials?
    • the humour - who types out the jokes?
    • IRC - who makes IRC what it is?
    • the atmosphere - who provides the atmosphere?
    • the amount/wealth of knowledge - who provides such wide ranging knowledge?

    & the answer to all those questions is the members!!!!! thats who!!!

    it is the men and women of AO who make it what it is today!!
    the forums of AO provide a wealth of humour and knowledge - a community where everyone can belong no matter what they look like what their race/religion is or what sex they are! Everyone is welcome and that to me is what makes AO speacil....

    I can not think of another place where I would be able to spend so much time and not only enjoy myself but also learn sooo much....

    That is why I dedicate this post to the people of AO - the members who contributenot only of their time but also of their knowledge - for in doing so they truely give a part of themselves....making them a real part of the community!

    To these peolpe and to the others who help support the community in whatever way I give you this my 1000th post for it is not mine only because without you and your help and welcoming I doubt I would have ever stayed this long.......

    I can only hope that this site and its spirit of community and its ideals of people helping each other will stillbe here long after I'm gone - because it would be disgracefull to think that our children or our childrens children will not be able to view a place which shows that there still are some people who rally do believe in helping others not because they stand to gain from it but purely because it is the right thing to do!!!!

    United we stand - Divided we fall

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    What??? You dont have enough greenies, so you're fishing for more
    J/k hehe.
    /me hands valhallen an IOU
    \"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.\" -- Dom Helder Camara

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    Congrats valhallen....I look forward to the next 1000 posts as I'm sure they will be as interesting as the first 1000
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    v_Ln....I lub you too hon!

    Um, I don't know why I used that smilie, other than I think it's cute, and I couldn't think of another time I might use it....lol!

    Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

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    yeah what al said
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    Congratulations valhallen.It is definitely a milestone
    Keep it up.

    Practise what you preach.

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    Congratulations, Valhallen. From here on in, you are considered an old timer at AO. J/k man, I hope your next 1000 will be as best as your first.

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    congrats vallhalen i hope you are here for another 1000 posts keep up the good work m8
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    Welcome to the AntiOnline Addicts are not as Addicted as me club.

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    Welcome to the AntiOnline Addicts are not as Addicted as me club
    woohoo!! have reached new heights of uber-l337 addiction oO


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