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Thread: Birth Date effects life expectancy.

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    Birth Date effects life expectancy.

    full article here: http://www.siliconvalley.com/mld/sil...ws/4009113.htm

    People born in the autumn live longer than those born in the spring and are less likely to fall chronically ill when they are older, an Austrian scientist said Thursday.

    when i first read this, i thought hum... i wonder if summer birthdays are proportional.

    Using census data for more than 1 million people in Austria, Denmark and Australia, scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in the northern German town of Rostock found the month of birth was related to life expectancy over the age of 50.

    Seasonal differences in what mothers ate during pregnancy, and infections occurring at different times of the year could both have an impact on the health of a new-born baby and could influence its life expectancy in older age.

    "A mother giving birth in spring spends the last phase of her pregnancy in winter, when she will eat less vitamins than in summer," said Gabriele Doblhammer, one of a team of scientists who carried out the research.

    "When she stops breast-feeding and starts giving her baby normal food, it's in the hot weeks of summer when babies are prone to infections of the digestive system."

    so if you are having babies folks, try to conceive in the winter time so your babies will be born and live longer haha.

    Anyway, what do you all think this kind of study could do the the population?? if this became an extremely popular belief, age variations would drop because conception dates would be winterish, and birth fallish. hum... technology is a good, and a bad thing i guess. either way we will triumph it, or it will conquer us.

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    Hmm... I was going to say: "nowadays, methods to conserve vitamins in stored goods are improving (think vacuum seals, think tin cans). My guess is that the difference that exists is slowly fading." But then I read this:
    The study focused on people born at the beginning of the 20th century, using death certificates and census data. Although nutrition at all times of the year has improved since then, the seasonal pattern persists, Doblhammer said.
    Interesting stuff
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    They have quite strong arguments, but I canīt find any data saying which "birthdates" lived longest! And how long! Can you guys?
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